Amazon SOP
User ID: [email protected]
Password: bumblebee

Go to "Your Account" at the top right
Sign in on the right
Then click "Your Seller Account" on the right

To Add Products:
Click "Add a Product" on the left
If you have a UPC, enter it to see if the product is already on Amazon
If it's not already on Amazon, click "Create a new product"
Search or manually find the appropriate category
If you have the UPC for the product, use the first selection to enter the product using the UPC (Product Name/Manufacturer/UPC)
If you do not have a UPC, click the last selection (Product Name/Brand Name/Product ID Override)
Enter our internal SKU for Seller SKU
Filling in the necessary info (red stars)
If using the Product Override option, select "Private Label"
Check the box that states "PO Box Shipping Excluded"
Click Continue
Click "Upload image(s)" and add any applicable photos
Fill in the Features, Product Description, Shipping Weight and Search Terms
Click "Your Product Details: Optional" at the bottom (this will expand another section)
Enter the Retail Price and Product Dimensions
Scroll to the bottom and click "Save & Continue"
Select the Condition and add our Price and Quantity available
Add Handling time and leave the Shipping Method to the default ("I want to ship this item myself")
Then click "Save & Continue"

Editing Existing Amazon Products:
Click the "Inventory" tab on the top left of the Seller Account page
Find the product you would like to edit and click the "Edit" link on the far right beside that product
To change a quantity or price, simply change it directly on the inventory page and click "Save changes"

Handling Orders:
When an order comes in, an email is sent to the Weblab email address
Log in to Amazon and click the "Orders" tab on the top left
Click the order number on the left side to open the order
Using the info from the Amazon email and the address & phone info from the Amazon site, add this new order to One View & send the PO

Once the order shows that is has shipped in One View, return to the order on the Amazon site
Open the order and click "Confirm shipment"
Add in the shipping method and tracking number from One View and confirm (save)
Amazon will automatically send an email notification to the customer to let them know about their shipment

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