eBay.com SOP

eBay SOP


User ID: highlandtaylor
Password: highlandave2004

To Add Products:
Go to One View
Hover over the Site Manager tab
Click on eBay Push
Select a vendor
At the top left, click "show all" and choose a product category
Choose the lag time
Choose an applicable store category
Pick which product you'd like to push to eBay
Adjust the product title to include more info and be more descriptive
Adjust the price and quantity if necessary (this will not affect CMS)
Choose Parcel to allow eBay to calculate shipping rate or choose Flat to set a flat-rate shipping cost
Choose the condition of the product (New or Used)
Click send to eBay

Editing Existing eBay Products:
Log in to eBay
Go to My eBay (top right corner)
Click Active on the left under "Selling Manager"
(This is a list of all the products we have for sale.)
Click which product you would like to edit
On the left, click "Revise your item"
Make necessary changes and click save at the bottom

Handling Orders:
eBay orders are automatically sent to One View
When we get an eBay order, Go to My eBay (top right corner)
Click Sold on the left under "Selling Manager"
(This shows the sales we have made.)
Find the order in the list (newest are at the top)
Click the drop down box for that order and select "Email Buyer"
Beside "Select an email" choose OCG Contact Information and click Send

Once the order shows that it has shipped in One View, repeat this process except choose "Mark Shipped" from the drop down box.
Click to confirm that the item has shipped.
Choose "Email Buyer" again and select the "Shipping notification" message
Manually add in their tracking number to this message and click Send
Go back to this order in My eBay
From the drop down box choose "Leave Feedback" and choose an appropriate feedback comment
(These can be done in any order, as long as they are all done.)

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