Overstock.com SOP

Instructions for checking Overstock orders:
Login to Partner Connect: https://partnerconnect.overstock.com/GuiSapi/home.seam?cid=30030
User Name: onlinecommerce
Password: Success7

Select “Manage Orders” from the left side Main Menu navigation
Select “New” from the Status dropdown menu and click “Find” to view all New orders, or select “Open” to view all open orders. All other dropdown fields can be left as default.
To print a packing slip, click the check box next to the order(s) and click “Print Selected Packing Slips”. All new orders need to be acknowledged ῜ to do this, click the “ACK/Shortship” link to the far right of the order under “Actions”.
With “ACK” selected in the dropdown, click Submit.
Enter the order in OneView.
Warehouse adds the tracking ID when the product ships.

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